A global vision

Gruppo Atomix creates brand experiences by developing a world of relations, emotions and values around every logo. It unites the creative and the rational, the heart and the brain, to bring to life tailor-made communication models for every customer. Gruppo Atomix is a team of expert communicators who know the local area intimately and are ready to track consumers alongside you, or, even better, be one step ahead. To navigate this ever-changing maze of streets and signs, we have created five divisions that operate in separate areas, even if the streets often intersect.

Many heads, a single strategy.
We don’t believe in know-alls. In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, no one can simultaneously be a guerilla marketing and fundraising guru and an expert in large-scale retail chains and EU regulations.

That is why we have built a team that combines a wide range of professional skills and competences. We work at your side to draft and perfect medium and long-term strategies, marketing plans and PR and communication projects. We offer you a global vision to help you look ahead and operate with a clearly defined perspective as well as numerous specific skills to help you avoid potential pitfalls. Gruppo Atomix is the node between the product and the market, the service and the user, the company and the dealer. It is a powerhouse of creativity and rationality, ideas and relations, that is continuously evolving.